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E-mail Signature As A Security Tool

Most organizations over look this very important security tool. How can an organization or an individual verify the authenticity of an in coming mail? Attaching a signature to your mail should be a standard practice. Your E-mail Signature is an electronic business card and as such is a very important security tool in e-mail verification. Here is a sample of an e-mail signature<+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++>Customer Consideration Ltd info@customerconsider.comhttp://:www.customerconsider.comNo 20 Ibadan Road, Opposite Yemi Book Shop,Kaduna, Nigeria, West Africa.GSM:, Tel No:We Sell Affordable Baby Clothes<+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++>
This is an example. The design of the e-mail signature is based on choice. The e-mail signature must contain the following;
All the ways by which your organization can be contacted; phone numbers, fax number, mailing address, e-mail address, url address.
The particular designation of the individual or the department's name sending the mail. Example if it's the CEO of a bank it should be stated. ceo @
Every e-mail address must have an e-mail signature. Example ceo @
info @ Each e-mail address should have an e-mail signature.
The organization's logo and slogan should also be added.
As A Weapon Against E-mail FraudA mail stating that, they must not honor any mail not containing the attached e-mail signature must be sent to all clients. A copy of all e-mail signatures must be forwarded to the company's lawyer.
How Do You Set Up An E-mail SignatureAll standard e-mail programs come with the ability to set up an e-mail signature. The e-mail programs also give you the option of attaching the e-mail signature to every outgoing mail.
Advantages Of E-mail SignaturesAny Organization or Individual, claiming to have received a fraudulent mail from a well established organization, should be made to send a copy of the fraudulent mail for verification. Once the e-mail signature is not attached to it. The lawyer can always sue for name defamation, if the said organization is not aware of the company's e-mail signature.
Advice:In information security, the little things we over look counts. How many companies in Nigeria are aware of e-mail signatures?
A copy of the e-mail signature or signatures must be registered with the appropriate copyright organization.
Website development must be accompanied by an it security consultant. Recently a disclaimer Advertisement was placed in one of the widely read newspapers stating "scams involving illegal reference".
The question now is, how can people identify legitimate mails?
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